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    Our dynamic, passionate and dedicated customer care team wants you to experience inspired, integrated veterinary health care.  Our broadly educated veterinarians, technologists and support staff meld conventional veterinary medicine and surgery with diverse special interest fields including: nutrition (commercial and home prepared feeding plans), diagnostic ultrasound, acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, canine rehabilitation, feline focused medicine and more.  Take the first step and join us.

    For after hour emergency care please call The Metro Animal Emergency Clinic 902-468-0674

    Herbal Treatments for Hemagiosarcoma

    Conventional veterinary medicine has a long history of borrowing from holistic medicine (ie. glucosamine, S-ame, milk thistle, colostrum etc.)and it now seems that many cancer patients will benefit from the … Read More »

    Heartworm: Risks in Nova Scotia

    Insect vector diseases are nasty organisms carried inside ticks or mosquitos and passed on to our pets or us through a bite.  You will hear most about heartworm and Lyme … Read More »

    Building a Diet for Food Allergies and Sensitivities

    When food is the primary driving force behind your pet’s itchy skin, chronic recurring yeast and bacterial infections, then you and your veterinary team need to embark on an investigation … Read More »